Mar 12

Photo of the Week: Last Gasps of Winter?

Although the forecasts are calling for unusually warm temps through at least the next seven days (with the exception of Wednesday pm – with snow possible in the mountains!), we’re confident that Old Man Winter will grace us with his presence again this season before spring takes over for good. In the meanwhile, it’s worth reflecting for a moment on the many wonderful wintry days we’ve had this season, including both this past Saturday and Sunday (in the shade at least) – after a surprise 3-12″ coated the higher elevations of our northeastern mountains on Friday night.

Was that winter’s last gasp? We doubt it. In fact, we’re excited for a few more solid snowfall events in the northeast this season, even if they only affect the mountains. For the time being, we’re content to start cutting garden greens that wintered over from the fall, mix in a little biking and canoeing, and enjoy the delectable snows of this current spring-like weather cycle in the mountains.

Ski you out there. – Brian
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  1. forresto

    rad shot!

    1. AdventureSkier.com

      We’re looking forward to getting back there, with you, amigo, after this round of spring weather gives way to another big blast of winter!

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