Jul 10

Photo of the Week: July Snow in Vermont!

Early last week, Scott Braaten, the snow reporter for Vermont’sStowe Mountain Resort spotted this lonesome chunk of snow in Vermont’s Green Mountains. It was likely one of the very last remnants of the incredible winter of 2010-11. Unlike the deep ravines of New Hampshire’s Presidential Range, Vermont’s mountains rarely harbor snow into July. And given the location of this chunk of snow, it’s likely that it was comprised primarily of natural snow. If there is ever a sign that last winter was a good one, this was it.

Here’s what Scott had to share about his find:

You know it was a good winter when you come across a patch of snow in the woods on July 4th. This photo was taken on Mount Mansfield/Stowe Mountain Resort at an elevation around 3,600ft. The patch of snow was located in the start zone of the popular “Tomba Chutes,” an off-the-map local’s shot near the top terminal of Stowe’s gondola. This depression had been wind-loaded all winter long and built up enough snow to last into July.

From November 1st through April 18th, my colleague and I measured 332 inches of snow at our snow study plot located at roughly 3,000ft (2/3rds of the way up the mountain). Snowfall higher up between 3,500-4,000ft was likely more than the recorded 332″. This also does not include the 34 inches that fell in October (or the May snowfall) at the fabled Mount Mansfield stake which is independently measured at 3,700ft. And for those who are curious, our base area snow study plot at an elevation of 1,550ft, located at the eastern entrance into Smuggler’s Notch, saw roughly 225 inches during the season. Needless to say, it was a solid, snowy winter with a distinct lack of serious thaws which allowed the snowpack to reach just shy of 9 feet by April on the upper mountain. Hopefully next winter will be just as good– keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks for sharing this Scott! We are looking forward to tuning into your snow reports for Mount Mansfield/Stowe next season.

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  1. Steve Robbins

    That is awesome…just another reminder of the epic snowpack this spring!

    1. chris mangini

      What’s up Brian? No tracks on the snow? Musta taken the shot before you put your skis on?

  2. Harvey44

    VERY cool. Woot!

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