Nov 05

Photo(s) of the Week: Halloween Turns, Family Style

Had the big orange blob on the weather radar been another 100 miles to our west, we would have had time to continue searching around our crawl space for some spooky monster masks to wear out skiing… But for the sake of staying dry, especially with Lil’ Maiana in tow, we could linger no longer. It turns out that a freak rain shower had us climbing our favorite local mountain with umbrellas in our hands, anyway. But, about half way to the top, the showers passed – leaving only patches of fog and mist in their wake.

Although the snow was melting steadily and we had only a 2-3″ skim coat of a base to work with, the skiing was slippery, silky and surprisingly smooth. We enjoyed a couple of nice runs before returning for a late breakfast back home.

The costumes finally came out later in the day (it was hard to pass up a $3 thrift shop chicken suit for Maiana, below). With rain falling steadily, and given that Maiana’s only eight months old, she didn’t seem to mind that we cut our trick or treating short.

OctSNOWber was good to us this year, giving us nearly a week of fun skiing in Vermont’s northern Green Mountains. It’s hard telling what SNOWvember will bring, but by the looks of the weather maps, there’s a little snow coming our way Thursday into Friday. Stay tuned to our Weather & Snow page for details.

Ski you out there.

-Brian, Emily and Maiana

Skiing on Halloween Day in Vermont's Mad River Valley-  ©Ember Photography / EmberPhoto.com

©Ember Photography / EmberPhoto.com

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  1. Tyler S

    Awesome photo! My son Vann is 9 days old and wants
    To know what brand pack Emily and Maiana
    Are using.
    Thanks and keep up the vibes!

    1. AdventureSkier.com

      Hey Tyler – Congrats to you guys! We use an ergo for most of our skiing with Maiana. When she was 9 days old, we had her swaddled and skiing with us on my chest (Ergo in front, with an infant insert/pad) last February. We skied daily straight into late April with her last winter…with her almost always swaddled and wrapped with blanket or puff suit. We’d change diapers in the woods, nurse her on mountain tops, and otherwise ski just about everywhere with her. It was in so many ways our most adventurous ski season yet… Here’s an image I’ve got handy along these lines, captured during one our first all day tours with Maiana off VT’s Monroe Skyline last March. Let’s be in touch. = Brian

      Backcountry breastfeeding!

  2. AdventureSkier.com

    Inspiring. Thanks!

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