May 14

Photo of the Week: Freedom of the Hills

Since returning last week from a month long, bicycle-powered skiing adventure in the Alps (more posts HERE), we’ve been thinking a lot about the incredible freedom, access and mobility that bicycles and camping make possible. (Caution: If you throw skiing into the mix, too, you might not ever come back.) During our recent adventure in the Alps, we were also pleasantly reminded (again) of how vital it is for all of us to regularly immerse ourselves in the outdoors for longer periods of time, to truly unplug and to simply tap into the rhythms of nature for a while.

More than anything, these adventures remind us of what really matters most – be it our health/fitness, connections to people/community, or the greater need for large scale land/water conservation (especially with mounting pressures on even our last remaining wild areas and open spaces)…so that our great grandkids might be able to have some the same experiences that we have today…to name a few.

It’s also very refreshing to live with just one bowl, one spoon and one good cup for a while. It’s empowering to be warm and dry even while shaking snow off the tent at night. And it’s a true gift to be standing atop a quiet and beautiful, snow-covered mountain with skis on the feet – and a great big world of possibility below.

Also, we’d like to express a special thanks to the following for their support of this adventure: Julbo USA, Mammut USA, Surly Bikes, Black Diamond, Switzerland Tourism, Swiss International Airlines, SCARPA, Patagonia, Ibex, Muscles Not Motors, BOB Trailers, Ortlieb USA, Smartwool, Primus Camping, Pale Morning Media…and a very special thanks to Lars & Barbara, Urs and Siggi, Heidi and her family, Jami and Tom, and all of our family members and friends who continue to support us along the way.

Here’s to making sure we can all continue to enjoy the freedom of the hills!

(Click the image preview below to view enlargement. View more posts about the trip HERE.)
-Brian and Emily

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  1. AdventureSkier.com

    What an adventure! You are so right about the camping thing. We all need to get out camping more often, if only to remember what really matters most to us all. So many of us seem to be too busy chasing the money, promotions and so on, and can only make excuses, or just forget. Way to get after it!

  2. Bard of the North

    come back snow i miss you :_(

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