Apr 03

Photo of the Week: Don’t Forget the Umbrella

Green Mountains, Vermont, USA  ©Brian Mohr/ EmberPhoto - All rights reserved

This past Saturday was a good day to take the umbrellas skiing with us. Scattered rain showers over the trailhead turned to a short lived downpour about ten minutes into our climb. Before long, as we had hoped, the rain transitioned to snow, piling up just enough to mask what would have been a relatively loud ski descent on the not-quite-soft snow and ice. Upon reaching the summit of Vermont’s Mt. Ellen, clearing snow squalls gave way to brilliant sunshine, and both we and our two little girls in tow (Lenora, 8 months, is riding upon Emily’s back in this photo) were warm and dry – and stoked to be on top of Vermont, with a freshly powder-coated ski descent awaiting us.

Several have asked why not just use a good shell or poncho?… While we still carry a good rain shell, it’s hard to stay cool on the climb while wearing a shell or poncho. And with our kids often on our backs while we climb these days, a shell or poncho doesn’t do a great job covering each parent/kid combo effectively, or comfortably. We use small, collapsible umbrellas, which are simple to stow away b/w downpours.

Ski you out there.


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