Dec 16

Photo of the Week: Deepcember 2014

Green Mountains, Vermont, USA ©Brian Mohr/ EmberPhoto - All rights reserved

It’s a sweet time to be sliding around on snow in the Northeast high country, especially in the areas that scored a solid 20-30″+ of right-side-up, cream-topped snow last week – as illustrated by the photo above. Even in many low elevation areas, it feels more like late February, than mid December, out there. Off-piste terrain that we don’t have the snowpack to ski on during some winters is now plastered with a fine gift from the Snow Gods…Incredibly, most lower- to moderate-angle backcountry terrain is ripe for the picking right now.

At the same time, many forest areas have been hard hit by the impressive quantities of snow clinging to trees. Be very order ambien online uk careful lingering or traveling beneath the canopy right now. We know of several folks who’ve had some frighteningly close calls with big trees and limbs crashing suddenly to the forest floor. With some luck, the Weather Gods will usher in some short-lived warmer temps on Wednesday, and allow the forest to shake off much of its burdensome winter coat…This minor warm spell should give way, in the mountains especially, to a little snow cycle lingering through late Thursday. With some luck, our snow pack will weather this week in style, setting things up very nicely for the holidays, and long winter, ahead.

Ski you out there.

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