Aug 17

Photo of the Week: Deep Thoughts

It’s late August. Summer has crested. Pre-dawn temps might dip below forty degrees in some colder mountain zones this weekend. It’s dumping in the Andes. And the first issues of Backcountry and Powder magazines have already hit news stands. Ahhhh… It won’t be long now.

Meanwhile, the hype about the winter season ahead has become a hot topic around the barbeque lately, too. Although annual climate predictions for the upcoming Northeast winter are as about as reliable as a good friend on a powder day, they are trending toward a colder and slightly wetter (snowier) season than last, especially in areas closer to the coast. We’ll take it.

Ultimately, we can only hope for the winter of our dreams. And while winter it is still a long ways off, it’s fun to stir up a few deep thoughts now and then.


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  1. Christa

    SWOOSH !

  2. Harvey44

    WAAAY better than Jack Handy.

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