Jan 05

Photo of the Week: Cold, Smokey Friday

Dylan Dipentima - Green Mountains, Vermont ©Ember Photography / EmberPhoto.comBetween the rather persistent cycles of not-so-snowy weather, Northeast skiers have been treated to some truly beautiful shallow-powder days this season. Unusually cold temperatures have accompanied most of these fresh snow days, giving the snow an especially cold and smokey consistency – and the appearance that it’s a lot deeper than it actually is.

Last Friday one was of those days, and it was not uncommon to witness faster skiers leaving plumes of fresh powder billowing well over the skiers’ heads while trailing 50 feet in their wake. Had we not been so focused on staying warm and simply enjoying all the fresh snow, we would have captured a few more images…but here’s at least one for now, featuring Dylan Dipentima, to share.

After yesterday’s rain storm, we’re happy to see a little white dust coating the leftover crust. At the very least, it will make the days of crust cruising and pasture ripping ahead a little smoother and quieter. With some luck, the mountains will score some decent upslope snowfall in the days ahead, and we’ll be leaving 50 foot plumes of powder in our wake again soon.

Ski you out there…