Jul 07

Photo of the Week: Cold, Refreshing Winter Dreams

I’ve happily dreamed twice this week of some truly beautiful powder skiing right here in the Northeast. One dream involved a crew of us skiing impossibly deep, stable and untracked powder snow down Tuckerman’s Ravine most classic lines. Dreamy, really dreamy, no doubt. Before long, another storm moved in and it was time to wake up.

The other dream was even more vivid. We were linking endless and imaginary lines comprised of some of the best tree skiing zones we’ve ever come across – all in succession as if it was one great run. We’d start out at treeline in the high Kootenays of British Columbia (okay, a slight diversion from the Northeast), tuck into the sheltered hardwoods of Vermont and eventually take it out right to the ocean alongside stunted bands windswept heath and conifers (coastal Maine or Quebec’s Gaspe perhaps?) A gushing waterfall greeted us by the sea, where we savored lunch and skinned up for the big climb…but not before waking up to the (other wonderful) reality of summertime.

The image above was not a dream. It was captured this past winter in the Greens, while skiing with Andy Weis. (Click on thumbnail below to enlarge.)

Happy summer to everyone! We hope you are all enjoying the heat and staying cool, too.
– Brian

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  1. Sam

    Sick shot. Where in the northeast??

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