Mar 23

Photo of the Week: Blower

Powder skiing in Vermont's Green Mountains - ©Brian Mohr/EmberPhoto

Winter reached an unforgettable crescendo over the weekend after 10-20″+ of perfect-density powder snow piled up in the preceding 48 hours across many high elevation Northeastern locales. In the most snow-catching and wind-loaded drainages and gulleys, the snow was nearly bottomless…and blower – billowing well overhead and blinding anyone following behind you. Here’s a quick frame grab from some follow-cam footage to share, featuring Forrest Twombly (left, barely visible) and Ian Forgays (right), going deep in Vermont’s Green Mountains.

With unseasonably cold temps prevailing over the next four to five days, and the possibly for more significant snowfall mid-week, the time is now to get out there and celebrate winter.

Ski you out there.
-Brian and Emily

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