Mar 09

Photo(s) of the Week: A Taste of Spring in the Alpine

Although it was gusting to 80mph atop Mt. Washington, NH on Friday, and temps were still in the teens across the north country at sunrise today (Saturday), Old Man Winter has handed the reins to his good friend Spring for the weekend – even in the alpine regions of the Northeast. Most solar aspects experienced warm sunshine today, which left countless skiers with goggle tans, baked the recent fresh snow layers and helped to trigger at least a few small avalanches in the high country before the creeping shadows of the afternoon order ambien online pharmacy settled things down again. After all, it is March, so a few good tastes of the spring season to come are to be expected, even in the alpine. However, let’s hope the Old Man has got a few more solid snow storms to throw at us – so that we can continue to enjoy top to bottom skiing in the mountains for many more weeks to come.

Ski you out there.

Sunrise over the northern Presidentials…


A quick snap from Sunday on Mt. Washington…

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  1. Sam

    Gorgeous. I can’t wait to get back over there in a few weeks.

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