Jul 24

Photo of the Week – Skiing for Blueberries

Skiing for Blueberries - ©Brian Mohr/EmberPhoto

Sometimes, you’ve just got to grab the skis, and go….Unprovoked, Maiana Snow schusses the driveway with ripening blueberries, and perhaps the coming winter season, on her mind.

Summer is awesome.

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Jun 26

Photo of the Week: Summer Faceshots

Summer Powder Day - Green Mountains, Vermont - ©Brian Mohr/EmberPhoto

Summer Powder – Green Mountains, Vermont

After one of longest runs of consecutive powder days we’ve experienced in Vermont (60 days!), and now one of the best runs of summer powder conditions in recent memory (thank you rain!), 2015 will leave us with happy memories to reflect upon for generations to come. Not surprisingly, we’ve got another inch or two of sweet rain heading our way later this week, so have fun out there…


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Jun 13

Photo of the Week – Imagine If All This Rain Was SNOW

Deep powder in Vermont's Green Mountains

And by the looks of the rainy forecast, it might be worth clearing out the schedule for Monday, too…

Let it rain.

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May 06

Photo of the Week: “Dadda…I Wanna Ski Weally Fast!”

White Mountains, NH, USA ©Emily Johnson/ EmberPhoto - All rights reserved

Since we started skiing with our daughter, Maiana Snow, when she was just ten days old, it was clear that she enjoyed being out in the mountains with us. During her first winter with us, after we mastered the backcountry diaper change, she started to “coo” a lot while skiing with us. In her second winter, around the time of her first birthday, she started to giggle when we’d ski through bumpy terrain, dips in the trail, or when we momentarily let go of gravity in powdery snow. And this past winter, with Maiana turning two, she began to vocalize an incredible repertoire of songs – often stringing together Twinkle Little Star, Old MacDonald, Bah-Bah Black Sheep, and The Farmer & the Dell in a single run down the mountain.

Yet, it wasn’t buy viagra 100mg online uk until last weekend, during a fairy tale afternoon/eve of backcountry skiing in NH’s White Mountains, that Maiana really articulated how she feels about skiing with us. While enjoying some play time on a favorite mountain top, Maiana, with a flake of shiny mica in her hand, looked up at me and said, “Dadda…I wanna ski weally fast. Can we ski?”

Apparently, it was time to ski – our last run of the day awaiting us in the warm mountain light. And with more than 3000 vertical feet of skiing below, Maiana and I slid into our first turns ever so carefully (photo above), as if to savor every kernel of delectable springtime snow…before it was all gone.


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Apr 30

Photo of the Week: Off Piste on Mozodepowadso

Green Mountains, Vermont, USA ©Emily Johnson/ EmberPhoto - All rights reserved

For many generations before the arrival of white settlers, the Abenaki referred to Vermont’s highest mountain as “Mozodepowadso”, which translates to Moosehead Mountain. For reasons not entirely clear (as investigated by VT’s Seven Days in July 2013), Big Mozo came to be called Mt. Mansfield in the mid-18th century – and the name has remained popular.

Still, out of respect to Vermont’s original settlers, we’re going with Mozodepowadso again. For one thing, the name has the word “pow” in it, something this mountain receives lots of, and skiing The Big Mozo sounds a lot exciting than skiing “Mt. Mansfield” (no offense to whoever or whatever Mansfield was actually named after).

Over the last few days, during the cooler times of day, especially, The Big Mozo was offering some of the more delectable snow sliding conditions of the season. And while warming temperatures in the days ahead will takes its toll on The Big Mozo’s impressive snow pack, top to bottom turns, on snow, should be possible well into at least next week.

Ski you out there.

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