Mar 18

Off Piste in Northern New Hampshire

Blue skies, calm winds, and a recent dusting of snow lured us to the high country of northern New Hampshire earlier this week. Snow conditions at and above treeline were about what we expected – a wonderful late-winter mix that included shin deep powder, rime-coated crust and even some late day corn. We enjoyed the mountains at a relaxing pace – taking plenty of time to soak up the beauty and scale of some of the northeast’s highest mountains – while logging a few adventurous ski descents.

Heading up under the morning sun.

And make sure to brake for moose, too.

Ian enjoying a fine layer of edgable rime.

Emily skis some sheltered morning powder.

Marta soaking up the sunshine and beauty of the day…

…and a few nice turns, too.


  1. Ben L.

    Nice! hope to get up there in the next couple weeks!

  2. Adrian

    Great shots!

  3. Ray

    Looks like a great day in the White Mtns. Wish I could be there, as I sit here behind my desk in CT.

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