Feb 03

Northeast Skiers on Tour: Brennan Severance

It was nearly ten years ago when we first ran into our good friend Brennan Severance (aka “The Leather Booted Ripper”) while sniffing out a nice powder stash somewhere along Vermont’s Long Trail. Since then, we’ve enjoyed countless ski adventures with Brennan across the northeast U.S., on Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula, Alaska’s Kenai and in East Greenland’s Schweizerland Alps. Born and raised skiing in the northeast, Brennan recently wrapped up a 5+ year stint on the Mad River Glen ski patrol, and he’s now chasing his skiing and climbing dreams in the northern Rockies, British Columbia and Alaska for a little while.

This January, we were lucky enough to catch up with Brennan while hut-skiing with him deep in the heart of Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains… He is an incredibly safe and talented skier with great instincts and a climber’s tolerance for exposure (i.e he’s a great steep skiing partner), and we’ve always cherished the time we’ve spent exploring the mountains with him. In the above image, Brennan is sliding into a beautiful Sawtooth gully that we skied to the valley below, before climbing and skiing a hidden couloir on the mountain at left in the background. And the images below feature Brennan loving life in East Greenland. We miss him back here in Vermont, but we know it won’t be long before we’re skiing with him again. (Click on photos to enlarge)
– Brian


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  1. skiin' Ian

    Miss ya Brennan!

    1. Shane Wright

      I love Brennan Severance! The Leather Booted Ripper!

      “Leather and lace, ski with grace.”
      Brennan Severance 1998

  2. Marta

    I have many fond memories of running into Brennen on the first powder days of the year before the the lifts open at MRG. He always smelled of woodsmoke and of course was all grace in the Stark’s Nest and the in the pow.

  3. Karl

    was getting nostlagic about the east coast and came across the leather booted ripper on You tube. It said to be continued but couldn’t find anything. I like this guy’s style. Its refreshing to see someone ripping and just skiing instead of trying to force tele’s on four buckle monsters. I want more.

  4. Dylan Morrison

    The leather booted ripper, had the pleasure back in Crested Butte. A gifted skier and a class act too. Miss you Brennan!!

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