Aug 20

Gear Giveaway – Aug/Sept: What trail?

10/3 UPDATE: Still no correct guesses for Aug/Sept! So, we are extending this contest til Friday 10/8. =>If you already guessed in Aug or Sept, you can guess one more time. Keep your answers unique, as the first one to guess correctly is the winner. (Hint: This is not Mad River Glen or Sugrbush) Thanks!

Last month (June/July), everyone made great guesses, but no one guessed the three animals that we see most in Vermont’s high-elevation buy tramadol online us conifer forest mid-winter:

Partridge (Grouse)
Snowshoe Hare

So, we still have another pair of Darn Tough socks to giveaway, as well as nice wool, reversible (solid or stripes!) ski hat from Mammut. =>To win, be the first to guess the name of the Vermont ski trail featured in the photo below. (Click on photo within full post to zoom) Please leave your guess in the comments area below – one guess per person. Good luck and thanks!


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  1. gary crofton

    lower antelope

  2. Peter

    The TD as seen from the Forehead/Nose area?

  3. Jonathan Czar


  4. Aweis

    lower antelope

  5. Margaret Reavely

    junction of upper antelope and Cantelope

  6. Steve F

    The “other” Paradise (Sugarbush)

  7. thomas hite

    I’m gonna go with PTR and guess tear drop

    1. AdventureSkier.com

      Hey Tom- We’re back in VT for a bit. I hope all is well. For next time, keep in mind the winner is the first one with the correct answer, so keep your answers unique for a chance at winning. Thanks! – Brian

  8. Andy T

    Partridge – off the double

  9. Ben Falk

    Snail would be my guess but could be many others… ‘taint that high up, that’s the only thing I can say for sure.

  10. Penny Parson


  11. AdventureSkier.com

    Hint: This is not Mad River Glen or Sugarbush…

    1. Dr. K

      Then there’s no hope for me …. I don’t ski anywhere else!

    2. Pennie Rand

      Bruce Trail, Mt. Mansfield?

      1. AdventureSkier.com

        Congrats Pennie! The Bruce Trail it is!…so you are the winner! A pair of Darn Tough ski socks and a nice wool hat from Mammut are in the mail to you. Have a great week. – Brian and Emily

  12. Alex Rob

    woodward mtn trail?

  13. Kevin Russell


  14. Dave Bouchard


  15. jim clapp

    Whirl-a-way, Spruce peak, Stowe?

  16. Colin Rehkugler

    Chin Clip at Stowe

  17. Andy Myrick


  18. john armstrong

    Mt Mansfield Nose Dive

  19. Ned H.

    Sterling, Spruce Peak.

  20. wesley

    Weasel. Upper Weasel, to be exact.

  21. Steve F

    Upper Sterling at $towe?

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