Sep 01

Irene’s Rains Create New Slides in the Dacks, Whites…

Natural landslide paths (aka “slides”) are in abundance throughout New York’s highest Adirondacks. And thanks to Irene’s flooding rains (the same rains that have ravaged many parts of the northeast), the list of skiable slide paths is now longer than ever. Take a peek at the nice update that our friends at Adirondack Backcountry Skiing put together after flying over the Adirondacks earlier this week. Many of the new slides are quite steep, and they will be especially prone to avalanching…while others will likely offer safer and lower angle skiing options.

We have also heard rumors of a new slidepath that has opened us alongside Hillman’s Highway near Tuckerman’s Ravine. More details on this later…

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  1. thomas hite

    free ride in the honda
    take the urabus to the adk
    your name is wonda
    and we love you anyway

  2. Steve Sharp

    Hillman’s slide vid


    1. AdventureSkier.com

      Thanks for posting this Steve. It looks like the run down Hillman’s and back to Hermit Lake will be more connected than ever… I hope all is well

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