Feb 23

Get Out There and Ski!

While many folks across the northeast woke up to rain and sleet Thursday morning, winter continues to charge away in the mountains – in the same way it has been all season: one snowflake at a time. Skiers were treated to a very healthy serving of snow across the Dacks and northern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine earlier today, Thursday, and more snow is on its way! It’s possible that some mountain areas could pick up another foot of snow over the next 48 hours, so if you’ve been waiting for another good dose of snow before getting out there again, now is the time. Check out our weather page for details. Here’s a snap from Mad River Glen, Vermont, at about 1pm on Thursday.

Ski you out there. – Brian

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  1. skiin' Ian

    Mad River Glen Coop is going off people! Come on out and enjoy, and hit up the pub for epic apres conviviality……….

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