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Nov 12

Gear Giveaway: Winter 10/11 – How Deep?

We all know it can snow a lot in the northeast – and the powder can be absurdly deep – but we rarely go through a winter without a bit of rain and warm weather washing away at least some of the snowy gains we’ve made. Still, the snow can really pile up, and during …

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Oct 11

Gear Giveaway – Oct/Nov: Name These Mountains

Congrats! to Pennie Rand, of Richmond, VT, for being the first and only one to correctly guess the name of the ski trail featured in the Aug/Sept contest. The trail featured was the historic Bruce Trail descending the east side of Vermont’s Mount Mansfield. The image was captured from a rare perspective on the trail …

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Aug 20

Gear Giveaway – Aug/Sept: What trail?

10/3 UPDATE: Still no correct guesses for Aug/Sept! So, we are extending this contest til Friday 10/8. =>If you already guessed in Aug or Sept, you can guess one more time. Keep your answers unique, as the first one to guess correctly is the winner. (Hint: This is not Mad River Glen or Sugrbush) Thanks! …

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Jul 07

Gear Giveaway – June/July: Skiing Animals?

Congrats to Jason Starr of Burlington, VT for coming up with the closest guess in our April/May contest… For June/July…Be the first to name the three animals that we see most in the mountain environment and season featured in this photo, and win a pair of Darn Tough socks! One guess, listing only three animals, …

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Apr 09

April/May – Name the date!

Guess the date on which this photograph was take and win a free pair of merino wool ski socks from Darn Tough. (Note: The date in the metadata info for this photo is not accurate). The closest guess/date will win. One guess per person please…Leave your answer in the comments areas below. We will contact …

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