Apr 09

April/May – Name the date!


Guess the date on which this photograph was take and win a free pair of merino wool ski socks from Darn Tough. (Note: The date in the metadata info for this photo is not accurate). The closest guess/date will win. One guess per person please…Leave your answer in the comments areas below. We will contact (via email) and announce the winner at the end of every month.



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  1. Pennie Rand

    Great shot! She even looks like she cruisin’! And great idea too!
    I’m going to guess, Tuesday, April 6th 2010!

  2. Jason

    Hey guys … I think this is a head fake … It was in the fall … Nov. 4.

    1. AdventureSkier.com

      Congrats Jason. Your guess was closer than the rest. The image was captured on November 10th, after running out of snow a little bit higher on the mountain. Sliding on the wet grass/moss/leaves was alot more fun than shouldering our skis and walking!

      Please send along your mailing address and foot size, so that we can a pair of socks in the mail to you.

      Take care.


      1. Jason

        Thanks Brian. You can send to 406 B Dalton Drive, Colchester VT 05446. Foot size 8. Thanks again.

  3. wendy

    Great idea for some great socks! My guess April 14 2009.

  4. Mike D.

    I’m going out on limb… November 2nd 2009.

  5. matt

    april fools, this current year.

  6. Janus

    I’d say… March 15:)

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