Nov 09

ALERT: Support Needed for Backcountry Ski Trails in the Adirondacks – *Dec. 5th Deadline*

Backcountry skiing and riding - Adirondacks / High Peaks Region - New York, USA

**Note: Please take a minute to comment today. Deadline for comments is Dec 5th**

If you’ve ever spent time hiking, backcountry skiing/riding, climbing or camping in the Adirondacks, you know how rugged, vast and beautiful the region is. And while there is a relative abundance of backcountry skiing options in the Adirondacks, including the High Peaks region, most of these options are confined to landslide paths, alpine regions and existing trails shared with hikers and snowshoers.

As backcountry skiing and riding continue to grow in popularity, drawing new waves of winter visitors to the region, local Adirondack skiers like Ron Konowitz (aka “Ron Kon”), who helped launch the Adirondack Powder Skiers Association (APSA) in 2012, believe there is a need to better accommodate this growing demand. APSA has developed a proposal calling for the creation and responsible management of new “backcountry ski trails” in Adirondacks. The idea is that these trails could help to round out the current mix of backcountry skiing/riding terrain options currently available in the region, while relieving the pressure on areas facing ever-increasing numbers of backcountry skiers and riders.

As the homepage of APSA’s website shares, “The tradition of backcountry skiing in the Adirondacks is etched in our history, but the current regulatory vacuum fails to cultivate the tremendous potential inherent to our region… If realized, this birthright will establish a cold-weather draw for eco-tourists and local powder hounds which will directly benefit our region.”

The Adirondack Park Agency is currently soliciting comments regarding APSA’s proposed “backcountry ski trail” amendment to the Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan. Please head to the APSA website, HERE, to submit your words of support and learn more.


– Brian

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  1. Harvey

    It’s great that outdoors people from across the northeast are getting behind this important initiative. Current rules for backcountry use were developed before the growth recent growth of AT/Tele. Support muscle-powered backcountry travel!

  2. Arnaud de Brux

    as a new comer to the area, and an avid AT skier from Utah, the idea of expending the accessible BC terrain to riders of all levels in a sustainable way for the land owners, users, mountains etc, with updated sets of rules and regulations seems like a necessity; and I’d be happy to help in that matters.

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