Mar 08

Adirondack High

As we shared a couple of weeks back (link), the late-winter snow pack in the Adirondacks has been luring us to explore some of the many new landslide paths created by Tropical Storm Irene last August. And after several recent adventures in the Dacks, it’s become clear that Irene has dramatically expanded the scope of backcountry skiing there for many, many years to come.

Whereas “slide” skiing in the Dacks has historically demanded a fair amount of tricky navigation, ski mountaineering and good old fashioned bushwhacking in order for skiers to both enter, ski and exit these slide paths safely, many of the newer slides are now relatively easy to access. This is a blessing in many respects, but it also means that some relatively dangerous and avalanche-prone terrain is easier to get to than ever. In fact, several new slides now run right into popular winter hiking and ski trails.

Without a doubt, the new terrain opened up by Irene offers endless opportunities for skiing adventure. The image here features our friend, Ian Forgays, skiing toward a newly created slide in the High Peaks earlier this week, while a couple of pre-Irene slides tempt us from across the valley below. With some luck, the high country will recover from this incredible March Thaw with another prolonged cycle of winter weather, and we’ll be back over there with some fun nice snow conditions to work with, soon.

Ski you out there. – Brian

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