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AdventureSkier.com is an evolving source of information and inspiration for skiers in the northeastern US/Canada and beyond – including Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Massachusetts, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Foundland. This site is brought to you by the Vermont-based adventurers and skiers, Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson, and the AdventureSkier.com team.

All text, photos, video, layouts and material on this website is copyrighted. Written permission is required for any copying, sharing or reproduction of any material on this site, including the publication and display of any of our material on other websites, blogs, email newsletters or other forms of printed, projected or electronic media. However, linking to this site is okay.

Disclaimer: Skiing is a dangerous sport. You may slip, fall or be severely or fatally injured while skiing. While the authors and editors of this website make every effort to provide useful and accurate information, mistakes are made, rules change, conditions vary and time passes. By using, reading or viewing the information provided on this website, you agree to absolve the owners of AdventureSkier.com, as well as content contributors, of any liability for injuries or losses incurred while using such information, and you agree to use any of this website’s information at your own risk.

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