Dec 25

Adventure Skiing Slideshows

This winter, join us at one of our upcoming slideshows, presented as part of our 5th Annual Wild People, Wild Places Slideshow Series. By combining digitally projected still photos, video footage and our off-the-cuff narration, we bring to life our skiing adventures throughout the Northeast US/Canada, Iceland, Patagonia, Greenland and more. Some of our shows feature a mix of surfing, backpacking, paddling and bike-touring, too. Most of our shows are free, and each show also features an impressive raffle of outdoor gear donated by our slideshow series supporters. We dedicate a good portion of our raffle proceeds to conservation efforts in Vermont, the southern Andes and the Arctic. Please help spread the word and we’ll look forward to seeing many of you there. Thanks! (See sample posters below, and our update schedule HERE)