May 19

Photo of the Week: A Great Excuse for a Hike!

While spring gradually gives way to summer and the very last remnants of winter finally melt away, a few lingering strips of snow in the higher reaches of the Whites, Dacks and at several northeastern ski areas are still tempting a handful of skiers. At this point, while the turns are still fun, the skiing is as much a good excuse to go for a warm-season hike, dip your face in a mountain creek, and check out some of the first wild flowers of the season. For us, it’s also an easy way to hang out as a family and to give our three month old daughter a chance to catch up on some sleep (note the chest pouch) and soak up some extra fresh air in the mountains.

Word on the street is that Killington will be spinning lifts Memorial Day Weekend, and so long as the area’s Superstar run is still top to bottom (as it should be for another 8-10 days), it’s well worth a visit. Of course, being that it’s late May, don’t just go for the skiing… enjoy the hike, smell the flowers, watch out for porcupines and make the most of the travels with a bike ride or paddle along the way.

Ski you out there…

Brian, Emily and Lil’ Maiana

©Ember Photography / EmberPhoto.com

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  1. Marcus Golding

    Nothing better than a nice hike up a mountain- to then ski straight back down on the slopes. Makes it all worth it!

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