Mar 15

Photo of the Week: March Madness and Why Ski Patrollers Rock

With up to foot of mountain snows accumulating in the first week of March, followed by a good dose of spring last weekend/early this week, and then another 6-16″ falling across the mountains over the past few days, the month of March is upholding its reputation as one of the snowiest months of the season for the mountains of the Northeast. Its relative abundance of snow, combined with solid snow pack levels, makes it a favorite time of year for many skiers…including John Ayers, the director of Mad River Glen’s ski patrol and father of winning freeskiers Lars and Silas Chickering-Ayers. John had the pleasure of dropping the rope on MRG’s upper Paradise over the weekend, as this week’s photo of the week depicts. A solid foot of settled fresh snow blanketed the slope – terrain that just a few days earlier resembled something more like ice-smeared pavement.

Later in the day Saturday, after laying down plenty of fresh tracks in the morning, John and the patrollers at MRG tended to the younger daughter of fellow adventure skier Dave Bouchard. Cassidy fell down and bumped her head pretty good in the baselodge – sustaining a moderate concussion. She’s a bit shaken up, but she’s okay, and Dave and his family feel tremendous gratitude for the care and comfort offered by John and the patrol.

Whether skiing powder in the morning, or tending to bumps and bruises in the afternoons, patrollers have their hands full. John Ayers, through his very careful approach to managing skier safety on the mountain, tries his best to keep the scales tipped toward skiing powder… Here’s to a very snowy and safe March for everyone! And feel better really soon Cassidy!

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  1. burton balkind

    nice work brian

  2. Alex Hamilton

    Nice picture Brian. It was nice to meet you on the double on Saturday and talk a little about the overlap in our respective fields.
    Here’s to more snowy days in March!

  3. Freeskier

    John Ayers is truly one of a kind. An amazing asset for the mountain, and its patrollers.

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