Mar 01

Photo of the Week: Perfect Flying Conditions

Snowflakes have been in the air again for 11 straight calendar days over AdventureSkier headquarters (at some during either the day or night). This is the second longest snow cycle of the season thus far, with more than 40″ of fresh snow piling up in this time in some areas of the Northeast. For how many days will this streak keep up? Forecasts point to at least a few more days of daily snowfall…but beyond that, only Ullr knows.

In the meanwhile, conditions in the middle to higher elevations are about as good as they get here in the Northeast, with a solid base at work and a very dreamy fresh snow layer coating most terrain – the kind of snow that lets you put at least one set of tracks nearly anywhere. It’s been an especially fun snow pack for getting into rarely skied lines and for lining up a little bit of flight time now and then – as Lincoln, VT raised Dylan Dipentima demonstrates in this week’s photo of the week. (Click on thumbnail below to view enlarged image)

Ski you out there!

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  1. Chris

    You guys capture the northeast with incredible photos. Can I order up a print of this one or some of the others like it, with the tree canopy as a backdrop? I’ll email you with more thoughts.

  2. Chris

    PS: I’d love to see these even larger in the posts, too. Is that possible?

  3. AdvSkier

    Thanks Chris. Yes, for images stamped ¬©EmberPhoto, fine-art prints (framed or matted, on canvas, metal) are available for nearly any image. See EmberPhoto.com for more info about Print Pricing, sizing, formats etc… Re: Larger Images… Us, too! We’re planning to make an upgrade that supports larger image viewing, shortly. Let’s be in touch. – Brian

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