Jan 30

Photo(s) of the Week: Shallow Pow, Backyard Pow!

Small doses of light and fluffy snow has continued to help cushion the post-Thaw crust still lingering about over the last couple of weeks, and in many ways, the conditions off-piste have been “shallow powder” at its finest. This has been an especially fun snow condition for exploring the untracked backyard and backcountry, for covering lots of ground and for putting turns just about anywhere there’s enough snow to maneuver. Today’s (Jan 30) short lived warm-up should bring us right back to a solid crust condition once again for a little while, but mountain snows beginning Thursday (1/31) and continuing on and off through the week ahead should gradually produce some very fun shallow-pow conditions once again.

Until that shallow pow piles up, enjoy the crust cruising! Ski you out there. (Click on images below to enlarge)
- Brian and Emily

Shallow, backyard powder at its finest…

Heading right out the back door as some fresh snow begins to fall earlier this week…

Deep into one of our favorite backyard lines…

Lindsay Peet milking the shallow pow…

Shallow powder day at Mad River Glen, VT…

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  1. Chris

    I’ve never had so much fun on the dust on crust than I have lately. Low expectations definitely help to up the fun factor. You guys are inspiring. Keep it coming/. Thanks!

  2. Adrian

    Love that last shot!

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