Apr 07

2 Wheels, 2 Planks: Bound for the Alps

It wasn’t until recently – like only two weeks ago! recently – that we really felt like the rugged Alps of central Europe were even remotely suitable for the kind of bicycle-powered skiing adventure that we have grown to love over the years. After all, the Alps are laden with steep mountain passes that don’t open til May, dead end valleys, dark tunnels, wild boars! and many other obstacles to linking up an early spring cycling route that leaves us with any extra time and energy to ski.

However, after pouring over maps and snow data for the region, it seems as though we’ve found a few soft spots in the Alps – a region where the roads will keep us close to snow line (skiing right from our tents is key), a few mountain passes might actually let us pass (with some mandatory snow biking, perhaps) and the backcountry skiing options should be especially friendly.

So with a vague route in mind through the mapped region above, we’re off once again with our two wheels and two planks on an adventure through what just might be the center of the cycling and skiing universe. If only our Deutsch and Italiano was a little more polished! (Give us a few weeks.)

We’d like to extend a special thanks to the following for their support of this project and for their ongoing collaboration:Switzerland Tourism (Michaela and Carlos), Swiss Intl Airlines (Jacqueline), Black Diamond (Tyler M., John D), Surly Bikes, Patagonia, Julbo USA (Nick and Ali), SCARPA, Mammut (Gribbin), BOB Trailers ,Smartwool (Mavis), Pale Morning Media (Katie and Drew), Ibex (Keith)Onion River Sports and Muscles Not Motors (Andrew, Tristan, Phil, Kip and the crew)…as well as our families and friends! You guys rock!

Please stay tuned for more updates soon.

Ski you out there.

-Brian, Emily and Tom

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  1. Lindsay

    Wow guys!!! So excited for you two, it’s nice to have you guys enjoy some of the very same mountains we just skied only a month ago!! Say hello to the Alps for us!! Drink yummy wine in Italy, eat lots of Weiner Schnitzel in Austria and delicious Swiss yogurt with muesli in Switzerland- and a few Haribo raspberry/blackberries along the way to make Emer smile!!! We love you guys, be safe, catch up on your languages and don’t ride and ski too hard!!! Ha!
    Love Sis and Shinks!

  2. Christa

    Brian Emily and Tom,
    Gruesse aus Vermont!

    Have a wonderful, safe and adventurous trip through the Alps. Can’t wait to hear from you.
    Alles gutes !!

    Deine Mutti!

    1. Yvonne Hite

      How you doing? How’s the skiing? Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!


  3. AdvSkier

    All is well. We had spring for a few days…but winter is back now! The skiing is excellent, and it’s great to have the bikes for getting around, restocking chocolate supplies, etc… Ciao.

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