Mar 28

Photo of the Week: Still Skiing?

While the recent heat wave and corresponding spring-skiing madness may have drained many skiers of their energy and motivation to continue embracing this whacky ski season, the fact is that there is still some great skiing out there. For one thing, there’s hardly a soul out skiing, which makes for empty runs and a nice relaxing vibe at the ski areas. More fresh snow in the mountains tonight and on Thursday, followed by sunny skies for the weekend should make for some especially sweet skiing in the days ahead across the Northeast. And with some luck, the fresh snow may open up our favorite grass- and moss-covered slopes for some adventurous skiing late Thursday and Friday.

Way up on Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula, where conditions are definitely thinner than usual for late March, approx. 30cm of fresh snow fell earlier this week, and conditions continue to offer skiers great options for descents throughout the higher reaches of the Monts Chic Chocs and Monts McGerrigle, especially. Check out our Gaspe Avalanche Bulletin for more info about conditions. The next ten days should turn out to be a great stretch of time to be skiing up there.

If you’ve been tempted to get out skiing again, the next few days will be special. In fact, Thursday and Friday could treat us to some long overdue fresh tracks in some areas across the Northeast. Although Old Man Winter hasn’t scored big points with most of us this winter around here, it’s clear he is still trying. He still has time to redeem himself, too.

Ski you out there.
– Brian

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