Feb 10

VIDEO: Full Moon Freshies

What an incredible stretch of weather is upon us right now! With blue skies, sunshine and a big moon overhead this week, and varying amounts of fresh snow awaiting us for after (or pre-) work adventures to sheltered, mid-to-high elevation mountainsides…it’s been easy to keep the thin-cover worries at bay. More snow is in the forecast for the weekend. Let’s hope we get lucky, and at the very least, enough snow falls and blows around to freshen things up again.

If you are near Montpelier, VT next Weds. Feb. 15 or Poultney, VT next Sunday Feb. 19, join us at one of our upcoming adventure skiing slideshows. Thanks. Ski you out there. – Brian

Full Moon Freshies – Green Mountains, Vermont from AdventureSkier on Vimeo.

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  1. Christa

    After a week of sunshine, we just may wake up to fresh powder this Sunday morning!

    1. Brian McHugh


  2. Chris

    Well done! Where are you guys finding this snow? It pays to know you’re way around the mountains this winter.

  3. Ben Falk

    Yeah, send lat. long. of these locations.

    Sweet skiing and scouting…

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