Feb 03

VIDEO: The Zero Approach Ski Tour

While some nice fresh snow has been piling up at higher elevations this past week (in the 1-5″ range) there’s nothing but a good ol’ fashioned crust coating most lower to middle elevation terrain. Fortunately, this crust is relatively supportive and offers a smooth skiing surface, especially with some fatter skis. Close to home, our favorite pastures, lower-angle logging roads and open woods lines have been especially fun recently… This skiing provides us with a great chance to keep the car parked for the day, and enjoy a ski session right out the back door.

Here’s a compilation of footage that celebrates one of our favorite backyard ski tours, a run we ski right off the mud room porch at AdventureSkier headquarters. Conditions right now are pretty similar, albeit we’ve got a bit more snow to work with and a more solid crust to the surface (but this surface should soften nicely with more fresh snow tonight 2/3).

Ski you out there! – Brian

The Zero Approach Ski Tour from AdventureSkier on Vimeo.

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  1. Pennie Rand

    I LOVE this! Nowadays with so much emphasis on bagging the highest peak, skiing the steepest pitch or the narrowest couloir I find this really refreshing. There is such fun to be had right out the back door if you just look for it. Humans tend to be drawn to places far from home because they are unfamiliar. As you know, we live in paradise here in Vermont. This is funny, clever and beautiful. Lots of inspiration to explore close to home. I think you need to enter this in a film festival! xoxo Pen

  2. Christa

    Wonderful video Brian and Emily. I agree with Pennie…..enter this clip in a film festival. Emily, you go girl!

  3. Dan Roones

    Awesome music to go along with the cool run!! Are those skiboards?

  4. Adrian

    Fantastic! Wish I had these sorts of woods behind my house..

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