Dec 17

Photo of the Week: Winter is Back

Old Man Winter finally seems to be done taking naps and neglecting his snowfall producing duties. He breathed some fresh snow into the mountains across the northeast Friday and earlier today, and he now seems intent on offering up some more on Monday and then again on Wednesday. It’s likely going to be a white Christmas across much of the northeast’s mountain country. Reports from the hills today indicate that a nice coating of 1-3″ of snow is out there for your skiing pleasure.

Snow coverage on natural snow surfaces is ideal right now for skiing with a pair of Marquette skis, junkboards or some tried and true rock skis. Snow surfaces on the open and maintained trails at ski areas are best enjoyed with some nice sharp edges and well tuned skis. Visit your local ski shop if your skis, or spend some good time learning to tune your own skis, if you are in need of a good tune. When snow conditions are on the firm side, it’s really worth it. See you on the snow! – Brian
(Note: The image above features one of Mad River Glen’s two hard working snow guns, at work putting down some “back up” snow around the base area.)

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