Nov 22

The Old Man Shows up for Turkey! Are You Ready to Ski?

A winter storm warning is now in effect through Wednesday for much of the north country – including the Adirondacks heading east into Maine – and some of the luckiest locales may pick up close to two feet! of snow by the time this storm moves out on Thursday morning. And while our snow forecast doesn’t look quite like it did for Mount Baker, Washington this week (image above) – where nearly eight week of snow, in three days, was forecasted – it’s going to be exciting nonetheless to be hanging out with Old Man Winter again. Wednesday promises to be a great day of skiing across many areas of the northeast, especially where you can find smooth and relatively rock-free terrain to slide on, as well as at any one of the ski areas that will be open in the days ahead.

With the pressure dropping and moisture filling the air this afternoon, we can already smell snow in the air. Let’s hope this storm drops a nice coat of snow for skiers to enjoy across the northeast this weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, too. – Brian

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  1. Ben Falk

    Any shots posted of the latest, today’s, storm?

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