Oct 29

Octobah Powdah…Weekend Nor’Eastah

10/31 UPDATE (Look below for a few more photos from skiing in central VT over the weekend. The historic October snowstorm produced over two feet of snow in some parts of Western MA and southern NH. Closer to home here in central VT, we picked up a bit less than that, but the skiing was still extra sweet. We got out for some early morning turns on Sunday, and then spent the afternoon helping some neighbors rebuild their home after it was badly flooded by another big storm recently – the infamous Tropical Storm Irene.)

10/29 – Although Thursday’s glorified grass skiing was a real treat closer to home in Vermont’s Mad River Valley, Friday’s skiing adventure just a bit farther south left us feeling like we had traveled through time – right into the dreamy depths of winter, and back. Now, with an early season nor’easter preparing to drop a nice blanket of snow across the much of interior south/central New England (check out our weather page for details), we’re looking forward to a very memorable Halloween around here. – Brian

Last flowers of fall?

Morning powder near Mt. Killington.

Fresh tracks in the sun.

Exploring some old stomping grounds…



Fall giving way to winter…

How it all shook out…

(Image Courtesy The Weather Channel)

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  1. Christa

    Beautiful Brian!

  2. AdvSkier

    Hi Christa! Thanks for checking in. Skiing in October is always a treat!

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