Oct 25

Photo of the Week: PRAY for Snow

Our good buddy Old Man Winter finally seems to be heading our way again. And after he dusted our mountains with some real live snowflakes this morning, forecasts are in good alignment with respect to some fresh snow falling in the mountains on Thursday into Friday, and then again later in the weekend. Anywhere from 2″ to 20″ seems to be possible out of this cycle in the mountains, and given the ski conditions out there right now, we’ll take whatever we can get. Sure, it’s still October, but is it too much to ask for just a little bit of white stuff before stick season really kicks in? Better yet, remember last October? Still, whether the coming days bring us a good powder dump or not, we’re stoked to see Old Man Winter around here again. – Brian

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  1. Christa

    Emily, you just can’t wait, can you?

  2. SamK

    This is funny and sad…..you guys need a cabin in Utah and a plane to move back and forth.

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