Mar 14

Skiing with the Skidder

Some of the logging taking place in the northeast these days is opening terrain and in some cases helping to improve the off-piste skiing. This is true for a while at least, or until the underbrush starts to flourish with all the new sunlight passing through the canopy. However, if enough good-sized trees are left standing, the canopy can do a pretty good job of closing itself back up. For the moment, it’s pretty fun to be skiing with the skidder…
- Brian


  1. PG

    Ha! Love this shot! One of my favorite skis is by an old hunting camp up in the hills that has a bunch of ancient rusting jeeps outside it – quintessential Vermont!

  2. nick

    hey guys..
    come out this weekend to do some sno-cat skiing!

  3. skiin' Ian


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