Feb 18

45 Days of Powder Skiing!

As much as it is always a wee-bit sad to see our deep and powder-coated snow pack at the mercy of the warm air upon the northeast right now, we have much to celebrate. First, leading up to this 36-hour warm up, conditions off-piste and in the backountry, especially in sheltered higher elevation zones, have been nothing shy of dreamy for 45 days. What an unforgettable stretch! Second, it will be cold and snowy again by Saturday morning, and our substantial base will set up nicely for some adventurous low-med angle cruising and exploring, right down to river level elevations, for many days ahead. This crust will also make for some fast and fun nordic trail skiing. And third, with some luck, the inevitable crust will soon be coated with yet another layer of powder snow. While conditions may be more like dust-on-crust in the short term, conditions in the high country should soften up nicely in the days to come. Check out the forecast for the coming days for central Vermont, below. And last…boy does this warm air and sunshine feel nice! – Brian


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  1. Thomas Hite

    powder skiing is like surfing #url_

  2. skiin' Ian

    Nice shot of that chica absolutely ripping that ice-fall line……epic!

  3. Peter

    Exactly. This uninterrupted stretch of deep snow has been amazing, and will not soon be forgotten!

    I’m looking at maps now, and planning today’s low-angle dust-on-crust tour…..may even be nice to not pull out the phat boards today ;)

    ski on!

  4. Adrian

    It sure was an amazing stretch for VT. That being said, I’m glad the pow’s coming back again this weekend.

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