Nov 15

Photo of the Week: Thin Cover is Fun

Maybe it’s because a thin snow pack is all we have to work with sometimes in the northeast. Or perhaps it has to do with those “thin cover” signs we’d come across on the ski hill as kids…and the great fun we’d have leaving the adults behind while we jumped dirt patches and straight-lined large swaths of grass. Maybe it has something to do with the unique elements of the fall and springs seasons, which tend to coincide with a thin snowpack – migrating bird sightings, crowd-free skiing, a bike ride later in the day, etc.. Whatever the reason, there is no denying that there is something really, really fun about skiing on thin cover…

Here’s a snap from our last good day of skiing last season – well after most of the snow in the northeast melted away – way up in Arctic Norway.


  1. Steve Robbins

    Love this time of year, but it’s always a little sad to see snow cover go thin, November or April. Losing the snow trail is not good skiing. But this time of year we have the whole winter before us. Yeah!

  2. Tom Hite

    Passed out in the corner
    There is plenty of snow
    She makes it every day
    Ski it while you can

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