Nov 12

Gear Giveaway: Winter 10/11 – How Deep?

We all know it can snow a lot in the northeast – and the powder can be absurdly deep – but we rarely go through a winter without a bit of rain and warm weather washing away at least some of the snowy gains we’ve made. Still, the snow can really pile up, and during most winters, the northeast’s snowiest spots average more snowfall than many well known western/Rocky Mountain locations. So the question is, how deep does it get here? Piece together the most correct answers to the following questions, and win a nice cozy pair of merino wool Bridgedale Ski Socks! (Note: Use the links/resources listed on this site to find the answers)

1. What is the average peak snowpack depth for Mount Mansfield, VT?
2. Why was the snowpack record for Mount Mansfield in 2010 unique?
3. On average, which mountains receive the most snowfall annually: High Peaks of the Adirondacks, Gaspe Peninsula, Green Mountains, Maine’s High Peaks or the White Mountains (choose one)?
4. Which mountains get the least? (choose one from above)
5. Describe the deepest powder you’ve skied in the northeast…

Please write out your answers in the comments section. One attempt per person, please. Thanks and good luck!
- Brian and Emily


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  1. Dave

    with out looking….80″
    It’s length
    Chic chocs
    On a chin lap, 2/28/10
    The snow was so cold and smokey, and blown is so deep in the brook that for several moments at a time I was subbed out. I had to hold my breath or would have breathed POW it was so Blower. So light in fact, that you could be neck deep in it and still blasting thru it…..the base was a perfect density gradient, receptive to the most subtle wiggling and the deepest, most aggressive shreds…..only time I’ve ever REALLY choked on it.

  2. Peter

    1) 74″
    2) because it happened early? as in, not in March but in Feb?
    3) Greens
    4) Maine
    5) oh geez, how to compare?
    There was the chest deep NOVEMBER day in 2008 at SB (http://www.flickr.com/photos/pwadsworth/3051643054/lightbox/ can you find the dog in this photo?),
    the next day skied even better, though it had consolidated a bit (http://www.flickr.com/photos/pwadsworth/3054155796/lightbox/),
    this past Feb we had a day that buried the car in Fayston (http://www.flickr.com/photos/pwadsworth/4385507675/lightbox/)
    this day was waist deep on Camels Hump (http://www.flickr.com/photos/pwadsworth/3304331654/lightbox/)
    this New Year’s day was deep enough to make avalanches in Bolton (http://www.flickr.com/photos/pwadsworth/2164249591/lightbox/)
    and we haven’t even mentioned Valentines Day, St.Patty’s, or Easter of of 2007.

  3. AdvSkier

    Great answers you guys! What memories! I kind of goofed by saying the prize was a pair of goggles on the facebook link, while we stated that it is a pair of Bridgedale ski socks in the original post above. I think we’ll simply let the winner in December take their pick. Easy enough. Thanks. – Brian

  4. Tom Hite

    the average peak snow pack depth at the stake on Mansfield is about seventy four inches… the snow pack was sort of recorded by you as you schrawpled it a few weeks ago. The Gespe receives the most, while the Adirondacks see the least. pppppppppp. pretty much total silence, traveling from white room to white room through hallways of cold smoke.

  5. Pete

    2.) It’s fluctuations in losing and gaining snow.
    3.) As much as I want to say Greens, I think its Whites
    4.) Maine
    5.) I found myself wishing I had a snorkel in the Dip/Orchard a couple years ago. All features were pillowed and you literally couldn’t feel any landings. Because it was so light, you could make such big aggressive turns it and kill speed when you got in trouble. It was just a crazy time, and I’m so glad I got to share it with some good friends. It rivaled many previous west coast turns, and made me so proud to be from VT.

  6. Brian

    This one was a bit tricky, and I think we’ll make them more straightforward in the future. No one answered all of the questions correctly, but thanks for trying. Stay tuned for our latest gear giveaway for a chance to win some fresh gear. Thanks!

    Here are the answers:
    1) 75-76″
    2) It hit 100″ before March 1 (VERY rare)
    3) Greens
    4) Dacks
    5) any answer okay

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