Nov 09

Skiing the Greens – Early November 2010

On Monday (11/8), while rain, sleet and freezing rain cancelled schools in the valleys, a thin layer of fresh “snow” in the mountains took the edge off the weekend’s crust at all but the highest elevations.


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  1. Dave

    Iam on Icelantics or Fatty-Ps?

    1. AdvSkier

      Yo Dave – Ian’s in the last little clip on some old Lines. I’m on some new secret weapons… More to come soon.

      1. Dave


        1. AdvSkier

          I’m skiing freeheel, Ian’s AT

  2. Sean

    Sweet skiing Guys. Love the weekdays action!

  3. Ram


  4. Tyler

    Nice turns. Is that a snowboard on your feet?

  5. Christa

    Passing this one on to the Killington upper Glade skiers. They should avoid the crowds and ski with you.

  6. Kalev

    Tight turns on those super – fat skis! YEAH!

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