Nov 05

Photo of the Week: SNOvember

After one of the snowiest October’s on record for the higher elevations of the northeast, Snovember has already proven itself as another great month to ski in the northeast this season. With some colder air settling over the region this weekend, and the possibility for some fresh flakes tonight, the snow pack – which was put to the test by Friday’s (11/5) rains, but still remains nicely skiable above 2300′ – promises to offer plenty of fun skiing in the days ahead. (Update 11/6: The rain storm exited our region Friday pm with very little fresh snow falling Friday p.m./Sat a.m., and although there is a great little base plastered to the mountains above 2500′, the snow surface is quite crusty. The skiing is still very fun, but it is also a bit technical and challenging. This surface should soften up in the sun in the coming days, and with some luck, a small weather front forecasted to slide by Monday/Tuesday may drop enough snow to freshen things up nicely.)



  1. Dave

    Up on the Chin Bri?

    1. AdvSkier

      More or less, up on the ridge there… Cool lichen, eh?

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