Oct 07

Photo of the Week: Dirt Road Skiing

There’s no better way to get in shape for the upcoming season of skiing adventures, than to go skiing. And if you haven’t before rocked a pair of dirt-road friendly roller skis on your favorite back roads, they are worth checking out. Known to most as a pavement-based training tool for serious and competitive nordic skiers, roller-skiing takes you far beyond the realm of training when practiced along your favorite network of quiet and scenic dirt roads. Throw in some climbs and curving downhills (make sure to really practice your braking!), and be prepared for some fun and a rather humbling skiing adventure.
– Brian

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  1. AdvSkier

    Thanks Jason – I’ve seen footage of guys skiing mid-summer on truly all-terrain “roller skis” of some sort, but I’m never tried them out personally. Keep us posted if you have any footage or leads there to share. Thx. -Brian

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