May 28

“Skiing on Stones” – Sylvain Saudan Shows Us How It’s Done

Former French extreme skiing pioneer, Sylvain Saudan – also known as “the skier of the impossible” – trained for his extremely challenging and oft-unrepeated ski descents in the French Alps and in the Himalaya, by skiing down snow-free mountainsides. Aside from the training element of this kind of skiing, it seems clear that Saudan was also just out to have a good time…

Thanks to TheSnaz.com for sharing this.


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  1. Christa

    Now I understand what rock skiing is all about !

  2. Brian

    That was sick!!! Nice post!

    1. AdvSkier

      Sylvain is the man… He’s definitely a major inspiration for us. Thanks for checking out the site. – Brian

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