Apr 24

2 Wheels, 2 Planks: Big Mountain, Little Town

After catching up on some much needed sleep last night, we ate a very late breakfast before setting our sights for Tromso’s iconic local mountain – Tromsdaltinden – which is featured in the photo below. Looming large approx. 4000′ above this Arctic island town, Tromsdaltinden was impossible to resist. And at the crack of 2:30pm (gotta love 22+ hour daylight!), after a short bike ride to the edge of town, we were on our skis.

The nearly 4000′ climb landed us on the summit around 6:00pm. On our way up the approaching valley, we we encountered dozens of local Norwegians – most on skinny skis, many ski-joring with dogs, some skiing in family groups, and a few pushing 70-80 years – sliding home after a day on and around the mountain. Higher up, views from the summit ridge toward the slightly higher mountains of the Lyngen Alps held us in a trance. Impossibly steep peaks dotted the horizon. Small glaciers filled their valleys. In other directions, we spotted distant fjords, a few small towns and the highland Swedish-Finnish border region – and far below, we could almost make out our bikes.

The ski was a classic, multi-pitch descent that was highlighted by boot-deep powder! off the summit and some relatively steep turns down a very aesthetic chute below an ice strewn sub-peak set aglow by the evening sun. Back in the valley, we passed a beautiful mountain hut, skied some gentle birch glades, and whizzed along a groomed nordic track before finishing off the day with a 2 mile coast on our bikes back to Tromso. The sun was still shining bright behind the distant, Teton-like peaks on the northwest horizon – our destination for the coming days.

(Photo: Courtesy Wikipedia/Creative Commons – Click to Enlarge)


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  1. Singne and Rob Coe

    This looks beautiful! We hope you enjoy a wonderful trip. Singne and Rob

  2. ron konowitz

    what a great start to your journey……..POW……ron kon

  3. Danny

    ok how in the Spring in Norway do they get 22hrs of daylite? Am i missing something? Glad your trip started off great, hope it all holds well and I know you’ll have an incredible time with incredible shots! enjoy@!

  4. Robyn @ Nordic Track Discount

    Hi, just stopped by doing some research for my Nordic Track site. Can’t believe the amount of information out there. Looking for something else, but nice site. Cya later.

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