Sep 21

The Flux Capacitor

The next time you have to carry your skis on the approach to an amazing day of skiing in the mountains, consider our good friend Craig Barnard’s signature Flux Capacitor technique. The Flux Capacitor has several advantages over strapping your skis diagonally or A-frame style to your backpack:

• You can bushwhack like you’ve never bushwhacked before;
• Say goodbye to branches that try to grab hold of your ski tips;
• You are much less likely to smack your friends with your ski tips when you lean over to pick up something you dropped;
• For some reason, the load of your skis feels lighter when carried this way;
• It’s way cooler…

Where Craig lives in Alaska, there’s no other way to push through the alder forest on the way to snowline, and it comes in quite handy here in the northeast, too. Thanks for the inspiration Craig!


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