May 25

2 Wheels, 2 Planks: Norway Withdrawal

After a month of pedal-powered skiing adventure in a truly fascinating corner of the earth, we are all back home in Vermont again – safe and sound. To the wonderful country of Norway, the weather gods and the many new friends we made along the way: We cannot thank you enough for the abundance of unforgettable experiences you provided us. So THANK YOU again! Also, this trip would not have been possible without the great support of so many others along the way (see list below) – Thanks again to all of you as well.

Settling back into life here in Vermont, it will take us some time to sort through and begin sharing some of the images and video we captured. Thanks for your patience, and please stay tuned. In the meanwhile, we’re planting out the rest of our garden, tending to some other project deadlines and savoring so many great moments from the trip, while they are still fresh in our minds.

Here are a few of those moments, brought to life through our photos…

And a special thanks to: Black Diamond (Tyler M., John D. and Sarah), Onion River Sports (Kip and Chas and the crew), Smartwool, Surly Bikes, Pacific Outdoor Equipment, Patagonia, Ibex, Garmont, Skout Natural Foods, Mammut, BOB Trailers, Ortlieb USA, Smith Optics, Brunton, Pale Morning Media (Scott and Matt), VisitNorway, VisitTromso, WEND Magazine(Sami), Alf and Gunnar at Koppangen Brygger, David and Ana at Camp Kviteberg, Asbjorn Rygh at LyngenAlp.no, ski guide Jimmy Halvardsson, Per Arnerberg, Tore and Anna, our families and our friends.

Midnight at “Camp 1” – Just as the blizzard was winding up…

The skiing above Camp 1. Need we say more?

Heading out to the road…

Another reason we simply love to ski…

The Tropics of Norway…

Midnight ski tour – Actual time 1:15am.

The midnight sun, hiding behind an island mountain to our north.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more soon.
-Brian and Emily

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  1. christian

    wow wow wow

  2. thomas william hite

    Spectacular scenes. What a feeling of aliveness you all must have had. Good show (as the British would say.) Daddio

  3. george hite

    I was saying the above to Tom. I’ll just add that I’m too impressed for words. Me oh my!

  4. Linda Patterson

    The photography is beautiful beyond words.

    1. AdventureSkier.com

      Thanks Linda for checking out our site.

  5. Cathy Rainey

    I am half Norwegian and have always wanted to go to Norway and these pictures brought me there. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure in a most wonderous place!

  6. Aaron J

    love the views and the shots, nice work!

  7. David

    Good meeting you, and great fun skiing with you all! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos, and the awereness about our planet!

  8. May Roach

    Hey! Just found your site, one word, amazing! Found it on Yahoo. If you get a chance, have a look at our site that we made, you might find it useful!

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